Living with missing teeth, particularly an entire dental arch, can be problematic. Without a full set of teeth, you may find it difficult to speak clearly, and many of your favorite dishes may be off the menu. Additionally, your face can take on a sunken appearance and make you look older than your true age. If you need to replace an entire row of teeth and are not a candidate for — or interested in — dental implants, talk to our dentist about complete dentures. This treatment takes less time and costs less than other restoration options and can give you back the smile you thought you had lost.

There are several denture options that you may want to consider, and during your appointment, we will help you decide which one is right for you. Conventional dentures involve removing all of the teeth in the dental arch. After your mouth has completely healed, you will receive your dentures. These dentures are very accurate because, by the time you receive them, your mouth has finished the healing process and your gums are no longer changing. However, during the healing time, you will not have teeth or dentures.

Immediate dentures work on the same principal as conventional dentures, but instead of waiting until your gums have healed, you will receive your dentures on the same day that you have your extractions. You will need to return to our dentist to have your dentures adjusted and lined.

A third option you may want to consider is overdentures. These are placed on dental implants and are a very stable restoration.

Call our office for an appointment with our dentist to see if complete dentures are right for you.